Podcast now available - Infrastructure: MRO, Feast or Famine (AsBAA x ASGVEC)


The inaugural Asian Sky Group Virtual Exhibition and Conference was held in September. AsBAA's Anthony Lam moderated a panel on “MRO, Feast or Famine?”, featuring speakers Gary Dolski (Metrojet), Louis Leong (Jet Aviation), Raul F. Trinidad Jr. (Falconer/ACTSI), Phil Balmer (TAG Aviation), and Paul Desgrosseiliers (ExecuJet Haite).

If you are interested in listening to the recording of the panel, it is now available here in podcast format.

  • (01:28-09:54): What are some of the challenges to keeping aircraft in flight-ready conditions whilst putting them in deep storage?
  • (09:55-14:32): With all the travel restrictions in place, Is there enough of a domestic market to survive?
  • (14:33-17:36): In the future, should we expect there to be less MRO work to go around?
  • (17:37-21:55): How do US MRO maintenance transaction levels compare to that of Asia?
  • (21:56-26:13): Are older aircraft being retired faster as a result of COVID?
  • (26:14-28:06): Do we have enough human capital to fill the upcoming post-COVID demand?
  • (28:07-29:16): Have you recruited more young talent during COVID than you did before the pandemic?
  • (29:17-38:16): What is your outlook for the rest of 2021 and 2022? 
  • (38:17-40:20): How have you tried to entice more interest from candidate students to join?

If you wanted to hear more from Gary Dolski (Metrojet), please see our interview with Gary here which specifically augments the points he made during the ASGVEC panel.